Surge Protection

Harmful surges endanger your home!

You may have purchased a surge protector strip from an electronics store in the past. These strips are designed to handle only a certain level of surge and will only protect the equipment and appliances plugged directly into the strip.

Luckily, there’s a better way to protect not just certain appliances, but your whole home, from dangerous surges. S&B Electric offers cost-effective surge protection services for the entire home, not just in one area or specific room. When you purchase a new appliance for your home you want to protect those investments. When we are done installing surge protection right into your electrical panel, you can breathe a sigh of relief and know that with your added protection you've done everything possible to ensure those products last. Preventative measures are the most important protection.

How Whole House Surge Protection Works

With surge protection services from S&B Electric, your entire electrical system can be protected from future destructive surges. We install a whole house surge protector right at the source of your home’s power — the electrical panel.

Through this one installation, you’ll never have to trust inconsistent strips or other methods of protection again. Take control over surges once and for all with our simple yet effective whole house surge protector.

Types of Power Surges

There are different ways surges can occur. One obvious reason is a lighting strike. Lightning strikes can immediately strip your home of power. But it isn’t always so obvious. Everyday homeowners experience thousands of surges, big and small, each and every day. Over time, these daily surges can deteriorate the integrity of your electrical components.

Whole house surge protection not only protects your family from possible random lighting strikes, but also the more routine and damaging daily surges that may come from the utility company as well. There are different options laid out for our customers so we can discuss the best surge protection service for your property. Especially in the winter months, where storms are more prevalent. Let S&B Electric help you make sure your homes electrical system doesn’t get damaged by the  inevitable power surges.

S&B Electric is here to help you prepare for residential surges today and for the life of your home! For more information on whole house surge protection or our other electrical services, Call S&B Electric today!